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I had the pleasure of teaming up with D.M. Allen, a wonderful author, to illustrate this lovely children's book. He wrote this story with a great and relatable message. Please take the time to grab yourself a copy!

A tale of discovery and growth through counting. Walk along with our little number One as he embarks on a journey to find another like him and feel less alone in the world. As he quests to find another ‘One’ similar to himself, this cute little character finds comfort and help along the way from other bright & friendly numbers that help to guide him and keep him encouraged.


Beautiful artistic splashes of colors and scenery, accompany whimsical verse and rhyming to bring this tale of connection to life. From reading to little imaginative minds, to sharing as inspiration & encouragement, may this great little rhyming tale spread its message of the power of connecting. Great life's little lessons for all ages. Please share to help us all connect with others!

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